About W.S.C.

Providing all of the financial management services you need

Woodstock Services Company was established to provide a range of financial support services that are important to clients with a variety of tax, trust, investment, and administrative needs. Many of our clients are also clients of Woodstock Corporation. Others come to us specifically because they answered “Yes” to these questions.

  • Would you value the personal attention of a team of highly experienced tax professionals familiar with dealing with complex tax issues of high net-worth individuals and families?
  • Could you benefit from tax services provided by professionals experienced in preparing fiduciary returns for trusts and estates in addition to your individual returns?
  • Would you welcome the benefits of your tax preparer working closely with your investment adviser?
  • Do you value a tax team staffed with dedicated professionals available to you all year long to answer your tax questions and handle tax estimates for you?
  • Are you involved in a business or limited partnership that could use professional tax, accounting and bookkeeping services, including financial statement preparation services and general management services?
  • Would you benefit from working with professionals familiar with estate and trust administration?