How We Work

How We Work at Woodstock: Our Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Customized Investment Portfolios to Meet Specific Needs

As an experienced wealth and portfolio management firm, we seek to generate reasonable long-term investment returns while avoiding excess portfolio turnover, and by diversifying portfolios to blunt the extremes of both market and company volatility.

Our portfolio management experts:

  • Invest primarily in equities and investment-grade bonds.
  • Believe in doing their own investment research. Our analysts access a reservoir of in-house information and outside sources to identify growth companies and financially strong industry leaders.
  • Minimize exposure to specific risk by diversifying client portfolios.
  • Consider taxation issues, which is essential to preserving wealth.

Read about our investment research and service philosophy in the sections below.

How We Work at Woodstock: Investment Research

Investment Research

Exceptional Portfolio Management Starts with In-Depth Investment Research

Woodstock develops its own, firsthand investment research, as well as using outside sources. We continuously seek to identify well-managed companies with proven track records and good growth potential, and we carefully monitor investment decisions.

  • All portfolio managers are experienced investment research analysts; each is responsible for specific sectors and industry subgroups.
  • Our Investment Policy Committee manages our core buy and sell lists.
  • Our Investment Research Committee reviews companies on our monitor list at weekly meetings.

The individual portfolio managers make all buy/sell decisions. They know their clients; they know the investment opportunities. They personally customize each portfolio with the goal of generating above-average return opportunities in multiple industries.

How We Work at Woodstock: Our Service Philosophy

Service Philosophy

Personal. Attentive. Customized. Knowledgeable. Responsive. Trustworthy.

That is how Woodstock defines unsurpassed investment management services. Our goal is to deliver this through strong relationships. Only by understanding our clients can we understand their financial needs. Woodstock portfolio managers are financial advisors who communicate often with their clients to keep them informed of market developments and changes in their portfolio, and to help ensure we are on track with their long-term goals and needs.

Many of our portfolio managers left larger financial institutions to join Woodstock precisely so they could have a greater impact on the financial lives of their clients. We strive to maintain a low ratio of clients to portfolio managers, and we draw upon our entire staff to meet and surpass client expectations.

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