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Providing All the Financial Management Services You Need

The tax professionals at Woodstock Services Company (WSC) provide a range of financial support services that are important to clients with a variety of tax, trust, investment, and administrative needs. Many of our WSC clients are also clients of Woodstock Corporation. Others come to us specifically because they answered “Yes” to these questions – might we provide financial management services for you?

  • Would you value the personal attention of a team of highly experienced tax professionals familiar with the complex tax issues of high net-worth individuals and families?
  • Could you benefit from tax services provided by professionals experienced in preparing fiduciary returns for trusts and estates in addition to your individual returns?
  • Would you welcome the benefits of your tax preparer working closely with your investment adviser?
  • Do you value a tax team staffed with dedicated professionals available to you year-round to answer your tax questions and handle tax estimates for you?
  • Are you involved in a business or limited partnership that could use professional tax, accounting and bookkeeping services, including financial statement preparation services and general management services?
  • Would you benefit from working with tax professionals familiar with estate and trust administration?
Tax Professionals - Tax Services

What We Offer

Tax Services

Tax considerations are often intertwined with investment management services. Woodstock Services Company’s tax professionals work in concert with Woodstock portfolio managers and with our clients’ other financial advisors to establish effective tax strategies designed to minimize current and future tax liabilities. This close collaboration is key to ascertaining and implementing the most effective tax strategies. Because such strategies may be complex, working with experienced and highly qualified tax specialists is essential. Woodstock Services Company puts a strong, sophisticated tax department at your disposal to address the tax situations of individuals, families, trusts, and estates. We understand the issues and appreciate the complexities involved.

  • Planning, consulting and tax return preparation service
  • Individual, fiduciary and business entities
  • Handling examinations and audits by federal and state tax authorities

Accounting and Corporate Support Services

We provide accounting services, tax preparation services, financial reporting services and general management services for businesses in a variety of industries. Most of these businesses are related to individual clients of Woodstock Corporation and Woodstock Services Company.

Estate and Trust Administration

Agawam Trust and Management is our affiliate responsible for providing estate and trust administration services. Our relationship with Agawam, which is located in adjoining office space, ensures that our clients have access to experienced fiduciaries who understand the need for solutions personally tailored to individual client circumstances.

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