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Wealth Management - Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Welcome to Asset Wealth Management with a Customer Focus

Woodstock manages more than $900 million* in assets for a geographically diverse group of clients, including individuals and their families, revocable and irrevocable trusts, businesses, educational and religious institutions and private foundations.

*As of March 31, 2023

At Woodstock we customize every client’s investment strategy to reflect their specific income, tax and return objectives, as well as their tolerance for risk. We build every plan on individually selected securities, balanced across industries and sectors, and supplemented with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to accommodate international exposure when appropriate. Our experienced asset managers personally design and manage all client portfolios, and have chosen to work for Woodstock because they believe in providing relationship-based investment strategies and services.

For more information, please read about our investment management philosophy.

Wealth Management - Financial & Estate Planning

Financial Consulting & Estate Planning

Count on Woodstock for Financial Management Services

Financial counseling is integral to the personal relationships that inform our investment strategies and drive our service philosophy. Frequent, forthright communications between client and portfolio manager give you the opportunity to review key areas of your financial life.

Are you contemplating a second home, do you need to provide for an aging relative, or is it time to fund college educations? Have your retirement or insurance needs changed? As financial advisors, we help you identify, periodically evaluate, and achieve your goals.

Our financial consultants also work with you and your other tax and financial advisors to design and implement a comprehensive estate plan.

Understanding and appreciating your complex business interests and financial arrangements, as well as important and sensitive intra-family relationships, is an essential part of effective estate planning.

Our other financial services listed in the sections below can play an important role in your estate planning and management.

Wealth Management - Account Custody

Account Services

Services You Can Rely On

We provide client account services as part of our commitment to your financial well-being.

We offer account custody services through our association with Fidelity.

Our relationship with Fidelity ensures that we are providing clients with quality service without compromising our personalized approach or the safekeeping of assets.

You may also be interested in the tax services we offer as part of our comprehensive approach to personal wealth management.

Account services include:

  • asset safekeeping,
  • trust accounting,
  • trade clearance and settlement,
  • income collection,
  • check writing services,
  • transfer services,
  • proxy voting services,
  • corporate activity processing,
  • tax reporting, and
  • monthly statement reporting.
Wealth Management - Tax Services

Tax Services

Sophisticated Tax Knowledge

Tax considerations are often intertwined with investing. Woodstock portfolio managers work closely with Woodstock Services Company’s tax professionals and, if applicable, with your other financial advisors to establish effective tax strategies designed to minimize current and future tax liabilities.

Woodstock Services Company puts a strong, sophisticated tax department at clients’ disposal to address the tax situations of individuals, families, trusts and estates. We understand the issues and appreciate the complexities involved.

You can learn more about the tax services we offer as part of our comprehensive approach to personal wealth management.