Woodstock Corporation: Services, Structure & Skill

Graphic of financial services mechanism
The combination of services offered, the structure at Woodstock and the skills accumulated here is unique and very beneficial to our investment clients.

Services & Care

Your investment manager has independence within the firm and three jobs: research companies, build portfolios, and meet with his/her clients. These three roles allow him/her to mesh knowledge and experience in the capital markets with the goals and objectives of each client. Under the Investment Company Act of 1940, your adviser owes you a fiduciary duty, meaning putting your interest before his, her or the firm’s interests. Your investment manager knows every position in your portfolio and why it is held.


The custodial structure at Woodstock means that you own the assets in your portfolio, unlike in a pooled investment vehicle where you are probably merely a creditor of the real owner. We take taxes into account, and in combination with asset allocation decisions, we can often effectively offset any fees you pay to us by exercising those levers to leave the full appreciation of your assets in your account.[1]

Woodstock is owned by some of its clients. The ownership structure aligns with client interests because the increase in the value of the owner’s assets under management is worth more to the owners than the value of the investment firm itself.

Skill & Expertise

We choose to focus on investing in high-quality US stocks. Our expertise extends to specialized sector investing, private equity investing, and running actual operating companies. Investment management is at the core of what we provide, but our service offerings also include tax preparation and planning, custody and accounting, and trustee and trustee support services.

1 Vanguard Research, September 2016